”we” or ”our” or ”ours” refers to the company or one of its representatives to whom the application for pier or storage is submitted, which may be one or more of our related businesses, dealers, tenants and assignees for the operation of all and any port facility. 11.2 Accept a ship, aircraft, equipment or other object to be docked, Repair, repair, maintenance or storage, we do so subject to the provisions of Milford Docks Act 1874, the Harbours Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847, the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 and all other laws or regulations that give the company or harbour master the right to confiscate, stop, distract or sell the vessel (the laws). In order to avoid any doubt, the general pledge right defined in point 11.1 in the event that a notification is served in accordance with the laws remains fully in effect and effective until the interest rate and, if the liability is challenged, an appropriate provision for the company`s foreseeable legal costs have been received by the company.11.3 The owner releases the company from all liabilities. costs, expenses, damages and losses (including direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs that have been adequately incurred, as well as any other reasonable business costs and expenses), claims or proceedings initiated or commenced against the company or its agents or agents as a result of action taken under this clause 11. 4.11 Parking is not guaranteed by the company. In the event that parking spaces are available, owners and their crew are required to park their vehicles in such a position and in an orderly manner from time to time by the company. Under no circumstances can a vehicle be parked or abandoned to block pavements, sidewalks, sidewalks, slipways, crane points or access points on the marina or on site. In the event of a delay, the company reserves the right to remove such a vehicle by crane or tow and to charge the owner for it. The company is not liable to the owner for losses, costs or damages incurred by the owner or incurring such a measure. No tent, caravan or sleeping vehicle can remain on the company`s site for any period of time, except with the company`s prior written consent. ”Agreement” refers to the entire contract between you and us, as set out in these conditions and in the application that you have read and signed and in which you consent to it.

3.1.3 as a result of the non-exploitation of the blockage for any reason;3.1.4 due to a loss or interruption of power or Internet connection;3.1.5 due to the unavailability of one of Marina`s services; except to the extent that such loss, theft or damage may be caused by negligence or intentional act of the company or its responsible companies. 16.8 No guarantee or liability is assumed by the company for the adequacy of a berth, water depth or facilities in the marina or on site. Owners immediately notify the company if a defect occurs in the marina or Premises infrastructure, including the pier, wharves, ropes, buoys, residents or hydraulic/electric/safety appliances. ”Business” refers to the Milford Haven Port Authority, which acts as Milford Marina, and for its agents who are applying for a pier, which may be owned by their related businesses, dealers, tenants and assignees for the operation (if any) of the ship repair yard, a broker or other port facility. 3.6 Any person who uses part of the Marina, premises or facilities for any purpose and by invitation or by any other means at their risk, unless an injury or deterioration of person or property is suffered by negligence or premeditation of the business for which the company is responsible.