An immigration officer must refuse a person`s admission to the UK if the refusal to accept that person is justified on public order, public safety or public health grounds (as defined by EU law); for favourable reasons (under UK law) for behaviour after the end of the Brexit transition period (31 December 2020); for abuse of rights; on the grounds that the person is subject to a restriction order (order of exclusion or removal); or (before July 2021) on the basis that the person is not required to provide a border work permit, but the immigration officer is not satisfied that he or she is a border worker (Regulation 12). If an immigration officer refuses admission, he or she must revoke that person`s border work permit. You are a border worker under the withdrawal agreement if you work in the Netherlands and live in the UK or another EU country than the Netherlands. Learn more about the conditions, the application and the process after applying on our Frontier Workers website after Brexit. An EU citizen (or EEA national of Swiss nationality) who is not primarily resident in the UK, and a worker or self-employed person in the UK or a person who retains that status. In these circumstances, the distribution of taxpayers` money involves the allocation of tax resources in order to remedy the imbalance between the expenditure and resources of local authorities on both sides of the border, which are affected by the problem of border workers. On the other hand, how long will it take for someone to work in the UK to qualify for an authorization? For example, will a business traveller be able to obtain a border work permit if he or she only comes to Britain once a month or less? An applicant can withdraw an application at any time prior to the decision and an application is deemed withdrawn when an applicant reapplys for a border work permit. Note that if the applicant is remanded in custody at the time of the decision, the application must be filed within 7 calendar days of the decision. A border worker who has entered the UK may be deported if he or she is no longer a border worker; The Secretary of State has decided that the removal of the person is justified on grounds of public order, public safety or public health (as defined in EU law); or if this is justified by an abuse of law (Regulation 15).