Members` interest in associative affairs ranged from great interest in collective bargaining to a minimum in the intervening years. With the recruitment of more national pilots into the company, national pilot membership in the association is beginning to become more expatriate members. Under current legislation, the companies concerned are not legally required to discuss with you or any of the other pilots in your company before making decisions. Your seniority may not be protected, and you may end up being at a significant disadvantage. However, if you are represented by a certified union, your company is required to speak to your union. This obligation is often included in the collective agreement between your union and the employer. Now imagine that your business has been bought by another larger airline. How do you think it would work if the new entity decided that some positions would now be considered superfluous and would reduce staffing levels to achieve cost savings? And what if the employees of the other company were unionized and the employees of your company were not unionized? Clearly, pilots representing the unions would have a voice that could be heard both in the forward-looking and reactive sense during the merger process. This would be a significant advantage over non-unionized workers. Union fees are the fee paid by members to support ALPA`s activities on your behalf.

Keep in mind that the obligations will not begin until the Sky Regional pilot group has entered into a collective agreement and is free to apply for ALPA membership. For more information, please contact an ALPA representative at 1-888-FLY-ALPA (888-359-2572), option 3, 3. During the cooling-off period, the Minister of Employment may also appoint a mediator to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. A collective agreement does not deprive the employer of the right to manage its affairs. The employer continues to make management decisions regarding the management of the organization, but must do so in accordance with the rights of workers registered in the collective agreement. There really is no defined area. In the end, the first contracts could be concluded within six months to a year if the parties are close and close enough in their respective positions. If relationships are more controversial, it may take longer, especially since the length of the process depends on a large number of factors (for example. B proposals for proposals, lack of written terms of employment prior to certification, etc.) and how one of the parties exercises its rights within the meaning of the Canadian Labour Code. Nevertheless, collective bargaining is generally much less numerous in Canada than in the United States of America. While Sky regional pilots are only subject to royalties after a collective agreement has been reached, the normal royalty rate – currently 1.9% of gross monthly salary – is set by ALPA members and regularly reviewed.

At the 2018 ALPA GOUVERNANCE meeting, the pilot directors considered a resolution and adopted a resolution to reduce members` salaries from 1.90 per cent to 1.85 per cent as of 1 January 2020, along with the instruction to assess expenditure to ensure that resources and productivity are not affected by resource reductions. With ALPA, you do not pay a fee until the association is officially certified and an agreement is reached. In addition, taxes are also tax deductible. Learn more about Canada Revenue Agency fees. In fact, the actual fees you would end up paying may be smaller than what you now pay for a parking card, but the protection you get is permanent. Your ALPA representatives will have the opportunity to represent the Sky Regional pilot group legally and collectively as a whole.