All reports of medical exposure and exposure to Haz-Mat are completed electronically and submitted to the performance committee. The form is easy to find on the home page, and click on the exposure report icon on the right side of the page. Chart Although the arbitration lasted nearly a year, both parties were able to obtain a collective agreement for the period up to 2017. ”We believe that the approval is fair and reasonably reflects other agreements that have been in place across the province for some time,” said union president Chris Varcoe. ”All we wanted in this process was for our members to be treated like our colleagues in other jurisdictions, and we believe that this agreement was successful.” In 2011, Mississauga firefighters have already received a pay increase of 11.03 per cent on top of the retroactive salary for the 2011-14 period. Along with negotiating the 11.03 percent increase, firefighters negotiated a 9.65 percent increase. This means that an arbitrator is working to mediate the situation between the two parties and to establish a collective agreement. In some cases, this may mean higher wage increases for unionized workers and a higher budget for the City of Mississauga. The salary increase will be a retroactive payment that will occur in March 2018 and will cost the City US$11.7 million. A senior firefighter`s salary is now 97,334 $US, which corresponds to surrounding communities such as Brampton, Toronto and Oakville. Mississauga firefighters are on the verge of increasing. For those unfamiliar with the subject, Mississauga`s 701 unionized firefighters left without a contract or salary increase for three years when the contract ended in December 2014.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about the new exposure report, please contact Benefits Rep directly. Mike Roy at or by cell at 416-899-9559. Since then, the City of Mississauga and the Mississauga Firefighters Association (MFFA) have been in the interest of reconciling firefighters` pay. The City of Mississauga and the firefighters` union agreed to a 7.3 per cent pay increase over a three-year period from 2015 to 2017. When you complete the report, make sure that each field is filled if a particular field doesn`t apply to your transmission, just indicate N/A in that field. All members are reminded of the importance of completing exposure reports. These relationships are essential if a person develops a disease that could be due to the performance of his or her duties within the OFFE. Buying gift cards? Well, you can help support the children`s Christmas party and other events. Some of the burden on the municipal budget could lead the City to try to generate higher revenues by raising taxes or reducing services. As this may seem a bit ”domestic baseball,” the interest arbitration procedure means that both parties are unable to accept a transaction and cannot go on strike. Click HERE to complete the electronic injury report, illness report An important message from your paramedics and firefighters If you log on to the site, you can buy our 2018 Care Enough to Wear Pink- Duty Shirts.

These shirts are only available to MEMBERS of the OFFES. The form can also be filled out and submitted on most smartphones, but some users may have to click ”Turn off the mobile topic” at the bottom of the mobile homepage.