It seems that the provision of Softlayer cloud services is really winning all over Europe with additional announcements made every month, Shop Direct, Avira, KPN, Sogeti and Finnair, to name a few. Why is the constant flow of big names/brands taking hold in Big Blue? Well, I took a break today to summarize some important points. ”Our partnership demonstrates how IBM EVRY`s know-how, technology and services can help adapt to new market conditions and opportunities, while having trusted infrastructure services that support day-to-day operations,” said Martin Jetter, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services. ”The Nordic region has always been at the forefront of the early introduction of new technologies, and we are pleased to work with EVRY as they accelerate customer leadership in the digital age. IBM`s unsering IT infrastructure and cloud features provide EVRY with the perfect foundation to develop and sell advanced cloud-based solutions for its customers in all customers and all sectors that serve them. IBM and evry, the first Nordic IT services company, today signed and announced a $1 billion long-term partnership in which IBM was selected as EVRY`s leading provider of cloud infrastructure services. As part of the agreement, IBM will transform EVRY`s existing infrastructure services using IBM`s proven methodology and know-how and giving it access to IBM`s global cloud resources and capabilities. [easy-tweet tweet” IBM and EVRY partner for cloud services on a 10-year contract. @IBM This includes providing services run on IBMs SoftLayer`s cloud infrastructure services, based in the fet/Oslo data center, sometime next year.

By operating these services in IBM`s cloud, EVRY customers have access to a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure across a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, government, energy, healthcare and retail. ”We chose IBM as our global service provider and service delivery model for our core infrastructure business. Customers benefit from faster launch times for advanced infrastructure, including new cloud-based solutions. This strategic step allows EVRY to focus on a customer-focused organization focused on value-added services and state-of-the-art technology-based solutions,” said EVRY CEO Bjorn Ivroth. IBM announced today that the first IT services company EVRY has chosen it as a leading partner for cloud services through a 10-year contract. This is a great asset for IBM Softlayer Cloud`s platform, as the data center will be online in Fet/Oslo at the end of next year. EVRY will continue to lead the development of value-added solutions and services and will combine its strong local knowledge with the use of IBM`s innovative cloud technology and global dimension. EVRY`s customers benefit from faster access to leading infrastructure solutions. EVRY retains responsibility for managing its relationships and providing services to its customers.