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Agreement Meeting

In every conversation, especially in conversations about systemic power (race, class, gender, etc.), we know that each person comes into contact with different levels of lived experience and embodied expertise. We also believe that anyone can contribute to the conversation. This agreement requires that we all practice being humble and paying attention to what we need to learn from each person in space. He invites us to share what...

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Agreement For Joint Venture

At the other end of the spectrum (less dollars, less paper), I helped a technology client create a contractual joint venture with another company in their industry. The other company brought some technology and we brought customers and site traffic to the table. Together, we agreed to monetize our traffic by selling visitors and customers the other company`s technology. This is very similar to affiliate marketing, which is a big...

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Agreement And Disagreement Grammar

Disagreements with affirmative statements are not made with no + pronouns + tools + n`t /. However, it is often used to disagree with a question or acceptance. In the production of language, whether speaking or writing, one of the most important linguistic functions is agreement and indution. This voice communication is important because it allows spokespersons to negotiate importance and make deals while communicating with...

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