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Collective Agreement In Malaysia

Any modification of this agreement between the parties is filed jointly by the parties within thirty (30) days from the date of conclusion of the contract with the clerk of the labor court: PROVIDED that the modification agreement takes effect only when the labor court has become aware of it. Any such amendment agreement, of which the Labour Court has become aware, shall be binding on the parties from the date and period fixed...

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Civil Estate Occupancy Agreement

Remember that a pre-occupancy agreement can be violated either by the buyer/tenant or by the seller/owner. Similarly, a post-billing occupancy agreement may be violated either by the seller/tenant or by the buyer/owner. It is necessary to develop appropriate provisions to deal with each of these contingencies. In other words, if you have an occupancy agreement before settling accounts, what will happen if each party is late? What...

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Cell Phone Agreement For Tweens

You should never say things about or about someone online that they wouldn`t like to say in the face. It`s also important that they speak up and tell you if they see other people posting or saying things that might hurt another person or are perceived as bullying. Deciding if your Tween is responsible enough to have a cell phone is not always an easy decision. And once you`ve done that, you still need to teach your child some...

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