Signalling agreements related to the improvement of the reliability of 9 sections of intermediate blocks (ibs) in the Thiruvananthapuram division of the Southern Railway Line – Madurai Division: by the renovation of the bridge wood of 1179 nos., in the sections of Mandapam. Supply of multi-party digital axle counters (msdac), including the replacement of signal cables in the jn basin bridge (bbq) – sullurpeta (spe) automotive section of the Chennai division in the southern runway. . mas-gdr section: Delivery of 60 kg of weld parts, including monitoring of trr (p) &ttr plants in the jurisdiction/east/mas. Supply of an electronic adjustment system with hot standby in Kanniyakumari, Ernaniel, Nagercoil Town, Nagercoil Junction B Cabin and ibs between De Roncoil and Eraniel stations, in connection with the doubling of the line between Thiruvananthapuram Central – Kanniyakumari. . Karaikkal section of Thanjavur – by training treatment by providing peatland ceilings from 43,000 to 47,400 km between koradacheri and kulikarai stations for a length of 4.40 km in senior Section Engineer / p.way / a-thiruvarur Section 1. arakkonam – jolarpettai -ctr (p) -4.86km with 60kg/psc/1660 nos/km between km.216.000 km.218.000 on ed up line; km.197.000 – km.198.000 & km.211.000 – 212.860 online. 2. section arakkonam-jolarpettai – trr (p) -13.785 km with 60kg of rails on large bridges for br.nos.475,486,509, 512,514,522,529,532,535,540 & 541 online download. 3. prws – arakkonam Section: trr (p) – 0.7 km with 60 kg of rails between km.67/700 – 68/400 on dn.1. divn: sse/pw/n/sa sec: twr – 6 km 315/700-321/700 dn line jtj-sa sec. 2.through Renewal of welds for a length of 13.32 km (jtj-ed on Downline between km 321.70 to 326 &sa-krr sl line from 0.78 to 3.3 and 54 to 60.50). divn: twr 1.3 km km 353/000-354/300 up line dc yard in sse/pw/s/sa sec. Provide signalling and telecommunications equipment inside and outside Kochuveli in the context of the proposed extension of coaching facilities. trivandrum division – sr.den/north portion – delivery sweat piece 52 kg &60 kg, equipment and weld monitoring: 1 folding tube 3 nos 2 brass nozzles 3 nos 3 tieble carrying ring 3 pair 4 tieble fork 3 nos 5 tieble rings 3 nos 6 stands 3 nos 7 compact tieble 4 nos 8 distance gauge 3 nos 9 drum vapouriser 3 nos 10 flat meisel 1 nos 11 gap gauge 2 nos 12 hot sets 8 nos 13 nozzle prickers 6 nos 14 manometer with pressure 2 nos tank complete 15 rail plain plain 4 nos.. Construction of limited-use subways in place of the current level crossing no.