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Agreement Cross

A cross-option agreement consists of either a ”call” or ”put” option that can be executed in the event of a shareholder`s death. The appeal option states that in the event of the death of a shareholder, other shareholders can ”call” the shares. This is usually family, but can be by any personal representative of the estate. Shareholders demand the acquisition of the shares for the agreed value...

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Agreement Axa

A company that offers a particular product or service may ask its sales team to sign non-compete measures because they do not want them to go to a competitor and take their customers with them. Non-compete agreements are legal documents that prevent workers from accessing employment that is considered to be in direct competition with their current employer. They are also known as non-competitive terms, non-competition clauses,...

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Afdb Establishment Agreement

4. Loans to the Bank under this section are paid by the Bank at an interest rate equal to the average interest rate paid by the Bank for its special fund borrowing for one year prior to the conclusion of the loan agreement. This rate cannot exceed a maximum rate set from time to time by the governors of the board of directors. After the end of the colonial period in Africa, the growing desire for greater unity within the continent...

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How To Agreement In German

« Nous avons un accord sur les termes du contrat. ” ” We have an agreement concerning the contract conditions. » – « Nous sommes en accord avec les règles. » – « We are in agreement with the rules. » The noun « agreement » is « Vereinbarung » (f.) in the sense of a contractual agreement or a formal arrangement. To be « in agreement » one would have to use « übereinstimmung » (f.): In order to properly...

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How Did My Mp Vote On The Withdrawal Agreement Bill

All the proposed amendments to the amendment were rejected. The proposal itself was then rejected with a 303-259 lead, in part because of the abstentions of the Conservative research group, which objected to the demand appearing to exclude an EU exit without a withdrawal agreement. [88] Kemi Badenoch (Conservative – Safran Walden) (proxy voice of Leo Abererty) Labour MP Keir Starmer called on Conservative MPs to: who want...

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