Schools can access information, including issues related to equal opportunities, teacher registration, codes of conduct, business bargaining and working with child control. Fair Work Amendment (Stop Work to Stop Warming) Bill 2019 HR 09/16/2019 – The bill introduces a new category of ”protected measures against climate change.” Employees who take such action are immune from action against them under Australian law, provided that their actions remain within certain limits (for example. B, no threat to the life or safety of others). The bill allows workers and employers to introduce climate change issues into their enterprise agreements Attorney General: Consultations released – Project life greenfields agreements and Improving protection s of employees` wages and entitlements: Strengthening penalties for non-compliance A discussion paper that invites submissions on a range of issues, including the thresholds at which sondis to be criminalized, the potential penalties and how the changes would apply to corporations. A separate discussion paper on the issue of The Project Life Greenfields Agreements. Under the Fair Work Act, enterprise agreements can only apply for up to four years after authorization. The documents can be found on the Attorney General`s website. Submissions close on October 25 for the pay theft document and November 1 for the second document. Discrimination against subcontractors as a result of a CFMMEU threat costs 575,000 $US The Federal Court of Justice in Brisbane has penalized Forest Meiers Construction and its site manager a total of $35,000 for refusing to hire subcontractor C-K Tiling because the company did not have an enterprise agreement with CFMMEU (September 20, 2019). More… CFMMEU and Head Contractor penalized more than $100,000 for discrimination and threat against the subcontractor The Federal Court of Justice imposed penalties totalling $108,875 against CFMMEU and Harris HMC Interiors, attempting to induce a demolition subcontractor to enter into a corporate agreement with CFMMEU at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre in Carlton (September 23, 2019). More… FWO: Protests against climate change in September 2019 Employees who participated in the demonstration but were supposed to be in the workplace needed their employer`s permission to stop working.