An anonymous source submitted official contracts between John James Borger (Borgeous) and Spinnin`Records, which provide proof of payments to Niles Hollowell-Dhar (KSHMR) for the production of at least two Borgeous songs. The source also submitted an official registration agreement between Borgeous and Deep Dish Inc., a company of which KSHMR is the president, as well as an amendment to the agreement authorizing Borgeous to sign with Spinnin` Records and prohibiting KSHMR from obtaining credits for recordings published under the name Borgeous… also known as ghost production. These leaked contracts provide a clear indication that it can be extremely lucrative to produce electronic music for which one is not credited. The big record companies know what good music is worth and are willing to pay well for it. Is this typical of the average remuneration of ghost producers? It is difficult to draw concrete conclusions, but the agreement reached between KSHMR and Borgeous shows convincing evidence that disperses the notion of unfair payments that people for the privilege of using their music. This is what we can see through all these examples, from the more organic and public collaboration between Afrojack and David Guetta to the secret of someone like Alan Walker, who claimed to be a music producer when all his music was created by ghost producers. Co-founder of a leading ghost production site. We have a team of talented ghost producers who can produce music in all genres and styles. Here too, it is really important that a ghost producer is not a co-producer. Of course, it all depends on how they agreed, because some ghost producers, like radiology, also take care of their stage names, and when it comes to tracks that are special to them, with of course better conditions for client/DJ, they are published in collaboration.

Indeed, people accused of being ghost producers are often considered co-producers of the track. One way or another, they work with the artist — they share ideas, they often bring the know-how of their two experiences, and in some cases it`s easier for them to find musicians who play real instruments to help them record certain parts of the track, to have more organic sensations, which is really important these days to be in your arrangements. Ghost/co-producer also creates the final product with its client. This is an example of collaborating with a (ghost) producer. Once the money is sent, the ghost producer will send the package to the customer via one of the file transfer platforms previously selected by the customer (WeTransfer, Dropbox, MEGA…). Violation of the terms of results in a complete suspension of the licence we have granted you. An EDM ghost producer is a professional producer who is hired to create a track for an artist, but who remains completely anonymous.