Patients pass on some of their most sensitive personal data with their doctors and doctors, who are themselves required to ensure that the information entrusted to them is treated safely and confidentially. A physician`s staff and staff have a common responsibility to carry out these obligations, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the physician. The CMPA encourages members to require their employees and employees to sign a ”confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement” [PDF] as they can tailor members and use them in their practice. It may be advantageous for the agreement to be renewed each year. This agreement helps ensure that staff and staff understand their obligations, encourages compliance with confidential patient information and provides valuable patient safety. 4. The practice has a confidential policy respected by each agent. Patients are entitled to the standards of confidentiality maintained by dependents and these standards should be announced at their first point of contact. Collaborators Each employee has a confidentiality clause in his contract that he has signed.

All staff are required to effectively protect confidential information when stored, transmitted, received or disposed of. Patients should be informed when information is likely to be shared with others involved in their care and they have the opportunity to refuse authorization, with the exception of exceptional circumstances in which the health and safety of others would be seriously threatened. Disclosure of information to other systems is available to ensure that requests for reports are not processed unless the patient`s consent has been confirmed. Patients can indicate whether they wish to see the report before it is transmitted and then have the right to access it. The security of all information is recognized and, when information is requested from patients by administrators, the reason for the request is explained. We may only disclose results and other confidential information to the patient and not to the family or family, unless we have the patient`s explicit consent in the minutes or in writing. Medical information may be shared with the parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 16, but this should not end the young person`s right to privacy.