The ILO has concluded that laws authorizing the termination of the permanent unemployment rate place ”extreme costs” on strikes, but do not necessarily constitute a violation of Conventions 87 and 98, unless they take place on an ”extensive” basis (International Labour Organization, 2000b). The State Department`s annual national reports on human rights practices focus on workers` rights in Chapter 6 and provide a valuable source of information for indicators A-1 to A-21, B-1 to B-13 and C-1 to C-4. As stated in Chapter 1, a framework in which there is democracy, freedom of expression and opinion and respect for civil liberties – including the right to assembly – is essential to the exercise of freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. If the Board finds that strikers who have applied for unconditional reinstatement have been illegitimately rejected by their employer, the Board of Directors may grant a refund to these strikers as long as they should have been reinstated. The Spanish constitution and labour law allow for organizing and striking, but the immigration law deprives these undocumented workers of these rights. South Korean labour regulations have many restrictions on organisational capacity and the right to strike. General indicators that are not necessarily under government control can demonstrate respect for freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. These indicators include union density, the frequency and duration of strikes, and the proportion of workers covered by collective agreements. Each of these indicators poses particular difficulties in assessing compliance. Article 27, paragraph 1, every person has the right to associate freely with others to protect his or her economic and social interests. (2) Trade unions are formed independently of the state. The number of trade union organisations should not be limited and one of them should not receive preferential treatment in a given company or sector of activity.

3. Trade union activities as well as the formation and activity of similar associations for the protection of economic and social interests may be limited by law when measures in a democratic society are necessary to protect the security of the state, public order or the rights and freedoms of others. 4. The right to strike is guaranteed under the conditions provided by law; this right does not apply to judges, prosecutors or members of the armed forces or security forces.