This revised language of sick leave entered into force on 1 January 2017. Members who have permanent secondments of less than one full-time period have access to a proportional sick leave allowance based on their full-time equivalent (RTD). New language of the collective agreement: 30.03 absence without remuneration – Positions that cannot be deducted from sickness credits (code 3) Article 30.03 Short-term leave is approved by the board of directors and is processed by the board of directors for retirement purposes. The loss of salary for 30.03 leaves corresponds to 9.02 for each day of absence of code 3. Benefits will continue to be paid by the Board at the same rate during the absences referred to in Code 3. For absences without remuneration authorized by the human resources department before the school year, salary deductions are offset over the payment periods of the school year, provided that the request is submitted in writing before June 30. .