7 1. Training, even if it includes the effective operation of the employer`s establishments, is similar to that of an educational programme; 2. The training is for the benefit of the student; 3. The student does not supplant the regular staff and works under close supervision; 4. students do not have a job at the end of the training period and are free to accept activities elsewhere in the same field; 5. Any clinical training shall be provided under the supervision and direction of persons experienced and experienced in the activity; 6. The training is general and qualifies the student to work in a similar company. It is not specifically designed for employment with the employer offering the program; 7. The screening process for the immersion program is not the same as the job screening process and does not appear to be for this purpose. Screening uses only the relevant criteria for admission to an independent educational program; and 8.

Advertisements, posts, or applications for the program clearly discuss education or training, not employment, although employers may indicate that qualified graduates may be considered fit for employment. FOR THE SCHOOL: FOR THE COMPANY: GEWITY OF: APPROVED BY: ANHANGS – Annexes A. Laws, Circulars and Memoranda Relating to Child Protection B. Decision of the Board of Directors / Secretarial Certificate C. List of Students, Teachers / Superiors and Tracks Offered Document for Immersion Module and Calendar of Daily Activities Confidentiality Agreement F. Signed parental declarations 2 CONSIDERING that, to achieve this objective, the school must engage in a work immersion partnership with the company; CONSIDERING that the enterprise operates in the area where the school is located and that it has offices, facilities, project sites and expertise that it can make available to the school for the purpose of immersion in the work of students; CONSIDERING that the company plans to establish a work fibrillation partnership with the school in order to have a positive impact on the community, especially on young people; CONSIDERING that the company has adopted the Revenue Regulation No. An SHS student must undergo immersion in a company organization or institution with work requirements related to the specialization. Work immersion familiarizes students with the work environment related to their area of expertise. Concretely, students are able to acquire relevant and practical industrial skills under the guidance of industry experts and workers; 2. Assess the importance and application of the principles and theories taught in the classroom; 3. .

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